Authenticating the paintings of Maurice de Vlaminck can only be done with certainty from research.

Maurice de Vlaminck was a pioneer of the Fauve movement. Therefore, he is assured of an important position in art history. He is a classic. There is hardly a downside in buying a Vlaminck today.

In authenticating his paintings, we begin with research in Paris to try to find references to them. The fact that a painting is not to be found in the literature does not mean that it is not authentic. But there is a greater probability of finding something about it, if it is authentic.

Vlaminck did not give away his paintings. He sold them. When a painting enters the art market, it begins leaving records of being bought, sold, reproduced in books, discussed by art critics in art periodicals, etc.

In the case of the few paintings Vlaminck gave away, we perform o provenance research and use other authentication methods.

If you have a painting that seems to be by Maurice de Vlaminck, please send us some photos of it.